Eye and ENT Specialist in Aurangabad

Mundada ENT & Eye Care Center is the best ENT hospital in Aurangabad , with the best  ENT Specialist in Aurangabad providing coordinated, comprehensive care to all patients. We, at Mundada Hospital, provide ENT treatment and surgery in Aurangabad, with ENT doctors that are dedicated to offering inclusive and complete healthcare. The surgical system is user-friendly and safe for patients.

●  To enhance patient safety, ENT surgeries are supported by excellent anaesthetic services in addition to adult and child ICU (intensive care unit) facilities.

●  To execute surgeries on complex and delicate tissues, modern surgical tools such as electrical drills, endoscope systems such as sialendoscopy; laser devices, microdebrider systems, operating microscopes, and so on are employed.

●  When performing intricate surgeries, ENT surgeons at Mundada Hospital  collaborate with professionals from the departments of cardiothoracic surgery, oncology, neurosurgery, and plastic and reconstructive surgery.

●  Specialists in gastrointestinal, paediatrics, internal medicine, and neurology provide coordinated and thorough post-surgery treatment,
depending on your situation.

●  Otology, advanced auditory and cochlear implantation, Rhinology and advanced endoscopic sinus surgery, Lateral and endoscopic endonasal cranial base surgery (in collaboration with Neurosurgery), Laryngology and micro laryngeal surgery, Paediatric  otolaryngology and airway surgery, Head and neck surgery, and salivary gland disorders are some of our areas of expertise.

Dr. Rajiv Mundada- Eye Specialist in Aurangabad

Dr. Rajiv Mundada- Eye Specialist in Aurangabad

Dr. Rajiv Mundada- Eye Specialist in Aurangabad


 Dr. Rajiv Mundada is a phaco & Refractive surgeon and Eye Specialist in Aurangabad practicing since 2005. He completed his MBBS with the gold medal in ophthalmology from Government medical college Aurangabad. He has acquired a degree of Master of surgery in ophthalmology from GMC Aurangabad. He was awarded a fellowship in phacoemulsification by Bombay city Eye Institute. He has also done fellowship in Glaucoma from the renowned Aravind Eye Institute Madurai. He has worked as an eye consultant at Bombay city eye Institute & MT Netra Rugnalaya, Narayana. He was one of the director & Glaucoma consultants at Optech Eye Hospital Aurangabad. Along with his wife Dr. Kiran, who is an ENT surgeon, established the state of art Mundada ENT & Eye Care center " in 2012. He is also director of Elite Lasik laser center which is a very advanced center for Refractive procedures like Lasik, Trans PRK, C3 R keratoconus treatment & sclera contact lenses. He has done his training in Refractive surgery under renowned Lasik surgeon  Dr. Mrs. Rupal Shah from Center for Sight who is also one of the pioneers of " Smile " technology. He is the chairman of Rotary clubs "Drishtidaan " scheme under which free cataract surgeries are being done for Poor old blind people. His research papers on "Traumatic cataracts & its management " were published in an international journal.
⁃ Director  MEECC SCHOOL OF Optometry
⁃ Research - an observational study of ocular damage & visual loss 2014    

Dr. Kiran Mundada- ENT Specialist in Aurangabad

Dr. Kiran Mundada- ENT Specialist in Aurangabad

Dr. Kiran Mundada- ENT Specialist in Aurangabad

ENT Specialist in Aurangabad

●  Former Registrar in ENT department BMC Sion hospital Mumbai.
●  DLO DORL from Lokmanya Tilak Medical college Sion Mumbai .
●  FCPS from college of physician and Surgeons.

●  MBBS from VM medical college, Solapur.
●  Former consultant Sumananjali Hospital Aurangabad
●  Former Medical officer Aurangabad Municipal corporation.
●  Former consultant at Faiz e Aam trust.
●  Director, Mundada ENT & Eye care center.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide complete eye care & ENT services to everyone with affordable expense, which will be matched with new technologies & high quality products.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide quality eye care treatments so that no one should remain blind for lack of simple delivery of eye care..

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